Monday, November 21, 2016

What happens when the Momentum stops....

A moment of stillness and frustration can cause a year of goodness to fade so easily. A few months of being in a holding pattern can halt ones hopes towards the future. That dreaded word begins to resurface reminding you of what is happening to you and what you need to be - patient.

What happens when the good times pause and when the momentum of life suddenly halts?

You suddenly lose sight of the big picture. Quickly losing an aerial perspective you forgot how insignificant the cares (while earthly valid) are strangling your faith and joy and ability to enjoy life and appreciate the many things that have not stopped. Things like the ability to breathe, eat or have clothes to put on, etc etc.

So what do you do?

Choice A: continue to let the momentum pit stop frustrate you every single moment


Choice B: Recognize that you are halted, but not allow your valid emotions of frustration to overtake you to the point where you cannot enjoy life where you lose hope, faith, a remembrance of goodness.

Lord help us to choose Choice B.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Identity is not in my Circumstances

Oh how I need to be reminded of this....

On a lazy Sunday evening listening to a song that has been saved to my library I hear the words of a song ring loud and clear into my soul: "our identity is not in whatever is happening to us right now our identity is seated at the right hand of God...and He is feeling just fine."


I then close my eyes and meditate on this for a moment and declare this truth over myself...

Now granted the song, as you will hear below, speaks to a different audience/situation than what I am currently facing...yet I realize I can apply the same truth and principle.

While I may not be getting persecuted for my beliefs at the moment...I can relate to the feeling of the song where one's current situation is not desirable; in fact it is quite discouraging.

Having to "start over" in life or rebuild from ground zero is a place no one wants to be...but it's a place I find myself in...and the path ahead involves patience, perservence and persistence.

Three potentially spiritually and mentally draining p's to 'success'.....

In the meantime, there is a fight against frustrating thoughts about the current state in life as it relates to "where I should be"..... that is.... in comparison to my personal thoughts about my current life landmark, societys' statement about it, and where others are along the way....

See I already know the truths about "plans" and "the process" of life...and how it's all a journey...but it still doesn't stop the self-identifiable questions peering into my thoughts....

So it's good to just get a real authentic reminder and encouragement in an unexpecting way such as what has just occurred to me.

Thank you Lord

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Conversation Starters

Have we really progressed?

There is a difference between progression and movement. Progression implies beneficial transformative positive change. Movement leans more toward directional travel that is not always quantifiably positive. In fact the opposite of movement is stagnation. Which is a net zero value. The opposite of progression is regression which is a negative value. 

Therefore rethink whether society has progressed or simply moved.🤔

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why Me?

Why Me?

I've asked myself this question on a number of occasions while traveling to over 7 countries in the past 5 months. 

Why Me Lord? 

Why did I get the opportunity to travel to so many places and see so many things? Why was I born into an American passport? Where I can practically go anywhere on a tourist visa. 

While I'm not rich by American standards, I wonder why I escaped the traps of being born into "third world" (I hate this phrase btw) poverty where I wouldn't even know what the next city over looks like because I was too poor to afford a bus ticket. So all I could do is sit, wait and hope to survive the next day. 

I think about this privilege of travel so much that I just get so overwhelmed with emotion that brings me to tears that so many people never get to see the world. Only through the lens of technology such as a tv, movies or the internet can people get a glimpse. But so often those images are skewed and genuine/authentic experiences are a far off notion. 

True some people have no desire to travel or go anywhere, but so many people do and never even get a chance in their lifetime to actually step foot in those dreamt about places. So it is with this attitude of gratitude that makes me want to thank God all the more for ALL the many travel doors that God has opened. For ALL the interactions from people from all over the world- I know my life has truly been enriched and I am being transformed more and more into the image of God the more I interact with all of the created. 

Gods grace is truly being shone through like a multi-colored prism that reflects the glory and beauty of who God is. We are all different but all the same in so many ways. I am seeing first hand just how much and I am being filled in the process.